Credit Recovery Program

Credit Recovery Program

Is your junior or senior student behind in credits and in danger of not graduating on time?

If so, please immediately contact Mrs. Purcell or the front office and sign up for the After School Credit Recovery program this semester. There are five sessions being offered and each session is only 15 days long. Students stay after school for 3 hours for three weeks to redo classes they failed. 

Please do not let your student miss out on this opportunity.  Sign ups are happening now. If you’re not sure whether your student is behind, please contact your child's counselor and ask for an update. 

After school supper and transportation are provided to these students. Over 100 students are currently in the first session. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity, and time is running out. We want every student to graduate with their class. 

For more information and a sign-up sheet, download this file:

VVUHSD Credit Recovery Form

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