SAT Prep

Embedded in English 11 classes students will be participating in SAT prep through Horizon Education. In addition to that these are free websites that offer excellent practice and help for the SAT. Take advantage and GET PREPARED! Signup is free on each site.

I Need a Pencil: A Service Provided by CK-12 Foundation  Lessons by subject and topic, quizzes of random questions or tailored to your needs, full tests, mark questions you need to come back to or get additional help for, track your progress. These resources can be downloaded on devices (IPad to Kindle) and even converted to an online reader or even printed into a PDF.

Study Guide Zone Download a free SAT study guide, take practice tests, read up on test taking and writing tips. Resource links are toward the bottom on the left.  Links on the top are for purchasing materials.

College Board This site is run by the College Board who produces the SAT. Practice taking full length tests or practice in specific areas.

ProProfs: Build and Test Knowledge  Practice drills, create your own flash cards or print from collections, full tests, cram sheets, games and quiz maker, blog questions and answers

Khan Academy  Has millions of instructional videos organized by subject and topic.  Very specific.

Quizlet An enormous collection of flashcard sets and the ability to make custom flashcard sets.


Do you have a smart phone? There are LOTS OF FREE SAT APPS, flash cards, vocabulary, testing techniques, skills, and content knowledge.