Welcome to the AHS Saints Counseling Department! We are proud to serve the students and parents of Adelanto High School with the most thorough preparation for success in high school and future college and career endeavors.

To schedule an appointment with your AHS counselor,

Please call: (760) 246-3909 

Ms. Watson- ext 39110

Mrs. Yaver- ext 39116


Our counseling assignments are as follows: 

Leanne Bauduin

9th-12th Grade  A-Di
ext. 39107

Amy Stone 

9th-12th  Dj - Le
ext. 39108

Doris Ramirez

9th-11th Grade: LF-REN
ext. 39112

Florentino Cardona

9th-12th  Reo -Z
ext. 39109

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.  
We are here to help you!