Common Core State Standards

Common Core State Standards - Preparing ALL Students for College and Career Readiness
What are these standards?
The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are a set of education goals that provide a consistent and clear understanding of what we expect students to learn. This is so both teachers and parents know what we need to do  to help the students learn. The CCSS are robust and relevant to both college and the business world. They reflect the knowledge and skills our young people need for success in either area. When Adelanto High School students are fully prepared for the future, our community will become competitive and successful in the global economy.

How does it work:
The CCSS are a set of high academic expectations for all students. Thinking about what knowledge and skills people need in both college and the working world, the CCSS defines the core of  21st Century competencies and knowledge that students should acquire at each grade level.  Using an integrated standards-based approach to education, both academic content and "Habits of Mind" students learn the essential things they need to know to be successful. No single element of CCSS will ensure student success. The main idea behind CCSS is that each element supports others and as a whole we help students achieve readiness for college or a career..

Tell Me More:
Recent research in college acceptance and employer need criteria focus on two fundamental areas: English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics. In theCCSS, ELA and Math form the foundation or the basis of what CCSS calls"21st Century competencies." The CCSS calls ELA "Capacities" and Mathematics as "Practices." Together they comprise something we call"Habits of Mind."These "Habits of Mind" create a portrait of the student that we believe will graduate from Adelan to High School socially aware,civic-minded, a literate citizen who is ready for college, career and life in the 21st Century.
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